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Final 'Day' of the 2017 EPOCH Vacation Now Posted!


We're Back!
October 28, 2017
Took long enough eh?
Sorry folks for the seemingly constant delays but things are settling down now, so...

1. Structural and Security changes are Done.
2. Bit of a facelift and of course the Forum Posts thingy is different.
3. Some content is being or has been changed. Partly a bit of a re-focus on adventure.
4. More significant additions coming in the near future.
5. Changelog for these tweaks will be available later in the week.

Coming This Week
1. Teaser campaign for our annual EPOCH Alaska Air ( and EPA ) Vacation
2. Vacation Launches on the Weekend ( Nov. 4th & 5th )

NightFlights Resume...
on the 4th of November, with our usual last-chance beta test of the start of the EPOCH Vacation. TeamSpeak as usual but we'll try for 2200 Eastern to cut us some slack :P

Thank you all once again for your patience and kindness. The discussion thread that I have opened for this can be found HERE, aptly titled "Airworthy Again"
Saturday NightFlight - September 2, 2017

Come on and all with your fabulous DC-3 aircraft for a great flight in the mountains, complete with a bit of adrenaline to keep you on your toes!

Click the Picture Above or Here to go to the details.
Follow The Salmon

Historical Tour
July 8, 2017

2200 EDT
Come and fly a historical salmon run in Southeast Alaska either with the NightFliers, on your own or host a DayFlight.
Best results in scenery are with HD Mesh V3 and Tom Curtis' Final Frontier and Inside Passage Payware scenery. Click the pic to go to the details.
Please note the early start at 2200 EDT (0200 GMT 07/09).
Coming July 1st, 2017
Celebrating Canada's 150th & USA's Independence Day
This will be a 2½ hour NightFlight hosted by bc

Starting @ 2200 EDT (0300 GMT) - 1 hour earlier than usual.

Fly at night with the gang or host a Dayflight or fly it solo.

Discover More Alaskan History - Right Here at EPOCH Alaska Air!
Exciting News
Classic NightFlight 04-15-17

This one is for all of you Beaver drivers (DHC-2) out there. An iconic flight, lasting a bit better than an hour and one that has already been flown in the real world 17 times today (as of 1400 PDT).

This is a classic 'light', in that we will be using custom scenery by another - namely Tom Curtis' Inside Passage. So whether you fly it tonight during our Online flight or another time on your own or with others, know that this is as close to the real deal as you can get with your trusty Beaver!

Watch for the NightFlight post in the Forums late this afternoon and either click the pic to go there or select it from the Recent Posts to the right!
EPOCH's 2017 Iditarod Ends

That's right fliers. We have come to the end of a fantastic Iditarod. All of the needs of the mushers, teams and the Iditarod Committee and its myriad of volunteers have been met with skill and efficiency.
Congrats Team & THANK YOU!

The screencap to the left shows what a well-oiled machine looks like. The three Iditarod volunteers for EPOCH were doing their 'thing' on the day I captured this. Look at the timing-unrehearsed of course but sublime in their efficiency!
Ain't Over Yet !

Hey Iditarod Bush Pilots, this is no time to retreat to the hangar. There's still work to be done.

Keep an eye for the next few days on Pop-Up Dispatches as the Iditarod Team dispatches you to return things back to where they belong.


Mitch Seavey

Red Lantern

Cindy Abbott
PREP Flight

In preparation for next weekend's (02/11/17) EPOCH Classic Flight installment, we have designed a 'close to home' practice flight that will be detailed and offered in this Saturday night's Night Flight in the Forum.

Not an " InsomniPilot "? No worries, give this exercise a GO as a solo flight or bring a few Dayfliers for a daytime tryout and get the run in - you'll be glad you did when you go forward next weekend with the classic flight.

The skills that you sharpen or attain in the exercise will serve you well in a week as you will require all of this with at least 5X the drama !!!
Burning Man

The 2016 EPOCH Vacation

Welcome Pilots to our latest Vacation - the 5th Annual!

The scenery package (hosted at the Org) can be downloaded by clicking the pic above or the formal package download pic in Downloads.

The Vacation Information and all related Forum topics can be found by Clicking This Link. This includes information on our Contest for a free X-Plane Version 11 when it is released at the Org Store!



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