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Propel your X-Plane Product or Service to new heights of professionalism and useability and increase the number of repeat customers by taking advantage of a unique new service to the developer's community.

Welcome to uneX-Planedapps.com's P.D.S., Professional Document Services. We have two curriculum developers (one a marketer and one a technical writer) as contract staff who can easily convert your marketing, sales, anecdotal and technical documents into professional works of literary art... ready to impress your potential and repeat customers.

By taking advantage of our low-cost service you can now highlight the quality of your primary product or service through professionally developed documentation.

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words, which is why we have a studio-trained artist available to highlight and further explain your work in ways that can drive a deeper understanding and improve the overall experience for those who learn best through visualization.

In Canadian, American or British English, in Canadian French or in pictures, graphics, animations and photographs, uX-Pa's P.D.S. is ready to serve at a moment's notice, often at mere pennies per page!

Flight simulation is a passion at uX-Pa. X-Plane is our choice for a quality experience, often driven by you, the developer of high-quality addons. Let us help you to achieve flight levels typically reserved for only the largest of the development teams. Flying in style, comfort and convenience is what we're all about!

uX-Pa Professional Document Services    Your Checklist

º    Pro-pel Page Ground Effects
º    Pro-pel Page Flight Levels
º    Pro-pel Page Manufacturing Centre

Ground Effects

Standard Spelling & Grammar corrections/modifications.
? Includes standard syntax, sentence structure (with context), grammar (conversational, business and/or technical) and typical colloquialisms.

Flight Levels

All standard services plus document component logic.
? Review and suggest/implement corrections to the logic and readability of your descriptive technical processes including user instructions through documenting program/plugin code.

Manufacturing Centre

Informal/Conversational/Scratch Pad Conversion to formal documentation.
? Generate source documentation for products/services based on recorded conversations in interview format with your developer and our consultant or through the translation of scratch pad notes.
? Documentation depth can be enhanced through research and development of, and/or integration with, current source data.
? Marketing and advertising campaign documentation, original graphics and "press" releases through any or all medium subscribing to or serving the flight simulation industry.
? All original documentation developed can be generated as text, graphics, video and/or audio product.

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