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Welcome to the uX-Pa Virtual FBO

Hi There!

Our team would like to welcome you into our virtual spaces. In here you will find quite an assortment of various applications, services, and creative fun and informative things to do while enjoying your X-Plane®  Flight Simulator. As of November 1st, 2017, we have a primary focus on Version 10 Final of our simulator while still providing some support for Version 9 Final. Version 11, which is making its way through the usual years-long beta process is limited in support at the present.

There has been a movement in the flight sim community lately around 'ultra-detail' products. While we are all about an immersive experience, we realized that a niche existed that ought to be filled. Imagination! Blend this with enough detail to build immersion and plausibility and you have us - Higher Framerates, More Fun!

We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our brand of simulation apps: the creative parts that get you flying with various purposes but do not force you into specific roles, outcomes or repetition.

To this end, as the year 2017 progresses, we are working hard to bring you experiences that meet that challenge; well, that and a whole lot more...



Filling In The Gaps and Keeping It Fun

 To apply creative ideas in often unconventional ways to support deeply immersive experiences in the X-Plane® Flight Simulator.

To develop low and no cost applications for the X-Plane community to provide unique and fun opportunities to further the virtual aviator's overall use, functionality and enjoyment of the simulator.


No single product shall be priced higher than the cost of 1 US gallon of 100LL aviation fuel.

Customer service shall be treated as if it were a critical Airworthiness Directive.

Quality, not quantity, shall be our mantra.

No product/service shall ever promote illicit or immoral activities.

No product shall ever be released in beta form.

All payware released from active inventory shall be made available at no cost.

No payware shall be burdened with DRM. We trust you!

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