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Melrik "Bush Beaver" Birch
Posts: 168

I have purchased all this from the .org site.

I also have the Caribou, Twin Otter, and C-130 from x-hanger.

If anyone has suggestions for rounding my Bush fleet. Let me know.


(Virtavia-B29) B-29A Superfortress


(Virtavia-C17A) C-17 Globemaster III


(Carenado-C185F) C185F Skywagon


(Carenado-C185F-BushPack) C185F Skywagon Bush Extension Pack


(Carenado-C208B) C208B Grand Caravan HD Series


(Carenado-C208B-CargoPack) C208B SUPER CARGOMASTER EXP. PACK


(XPScenery-CR+FF+IP) Canadian Rockies + Inside Passage + Final Frontier Promo Pack


(Carenado-B58 ) Carenado B58 Baron


(STMA-CVD-10) Chase View Deluxe Plugin


(STMA-DHC3-V10-64) deHavilland DHC-3 Otter


(khamsin-dhc1) DHC-1 Chipmunk


(STMA-DHC2) DHC-2 Beaver Package


(STMA-DHC2-Turbo) DHC-2 Beaver Turbo Package


(SoulMadeSim-DHC2) DHC-2 Beaver


(xhangar-dhc4) DHC4 C-7A Caribou


(RWDesigns-DHC6) DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 Series


(JARDesign-FollowMeCar) FollowMe Car for X-Plane 10


(XPScenery-GoldenGateSouthBay) Golden Gate , KSFO and South Bay


(ddenn-goose) Grumman G21-A Goose Package


(HeinzD-CP-v10) Heinz Complete Package


(Nimbus-KATL) KATL - Atlanta International


(FunnerFlight-KJFK_v10) KJFK - New York John F Kennedy International v2


(Nimbus-KMIA) KMIA - Miami International


(Nimbus-KORD-HD) KORD - Chicago O'Hare International Airport -HD


(Nimbus-KPHX) KPHX -Phoenix Sky Harbor International


(BFDG-C130) Lockheed C-130HM


(Drzewiecki-NYA) New York Airports XP


(Drzewiecki-NYC) New York City XP


(khamsin-B25) North American B-25 Mitchell


(ST-SP) Pro Flight Switch Panel


(XPScenery-KSEA-Boeing) Seattle, WA - Gateway to Boeing Country


(Virtavia-SeaKing) Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King


(STMA-TrackerXP-v3) Tracker XP v3


(JARDesign-TuGMaster) TugMaster Deluxe


(UXPA-UGP) Ultimate Glacier Pilot Adventure Package


(JARDesign-XLife) X-Life Deluxe

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Posts: 1735

Welcome aboard, Melrick.

You have an impressive roster of aircraft and add-ons!  I'm envious of some of your possessions.  For EPOCH Alaska Air (EAA) activities, you already have the most popular aircraft flown there.

EPOCH's latest endeavor (which most of the active core and contract pilots are currently engaged) focuses on service in British Columbia with EPA (EPOCH Passage Aviation).  For that, you've already got two of the seven available airframes ...the Beaver and Goose.  For the others, visit the EPOCH Aircraft Locator Links sub-forum for acquisition information.

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Posts: 1735

For scenery, consider the donation-ware HD Mesh Scenery v3 by AlpilotX for any location in the world where superior ground detail is desired.  The downloads are big, so plan accordingly.  Also, your X-Plane loading time will increase when these meshes are applied ...but they are worth the wait.

Also, I've created a Google Map with all known add-on airports significant to EPOCH pilots at:


And, all the EPOCH Passage Aviation destinations are plotted at:


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Melrik "Bush Beaver" Birch
Posts: 168

Thanks, I have the HD mesh. I was only posting the payware I have. I spent hours updating it last night. going to make it a webpage instead of working on spreadsheets so i can show it to others more easily. I'll send you a link when I get my new site up.

Love those links. I was doing something just like that. Bookmarked them immediately. :)


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