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2016 Vacation at Black Rock City

"Burning Man"

Hiya Pilots. Okay, this is the simple layout for the 'Vacation' in a nutshell.

Each of the Vacation Days have one or more adventures within them, some of which are simple and others not so much.

The first post of each Vacation Day will outline the activities and then subsequent posts are all up to you - for screen shots, commentary, giggles or what-have-you.

Here's the Timeline:

Day 1: November 13th

Day 2: November 14th to November 19th

Day 3: November 20th to November 26th

Day 4: November 27th to December 3rd.

Day 5: December 3rd+

The Contest

As mentioned before, there is a contest for this Vacation. Here are the details:

- Create a work of art that can be shared via graphic or text in the spirit of the Burning Man ethos.

- The Theme of your art is "Aviation"

- Your art may be a picture, painting, graphic, object, writing (poem, story, etc.)... what you consider "ART"

- On December 3rd, your submission, made either HERE at uX-Pa Forums or at the Org Thread HERE, will be judged by the curator of my local museum, who has had occassion to display aviation art and writings, keeping with our rich flying history here in Northern Ontario.

- The winner will be selected and arrangements made for them to receive their prize. The winner's art will be featured in the appropriate thread at the Org and on our News Page here at our site (you'll need to give me explicit permission to use your piece).

- This contest is being sponsored by us here at uX-Pa for the first time in our Vacation history. A fitting one to sponsor, as we have a plethora of very talented 'artists and writers' around here.


Only one rule really!

Your artistic submission must be 'your' art and only yours. Your submission must be accompanied by the text:

"I {name/handle} certify that this is an original work by myself. My content includes {what you have done, like a livery}.

So that means that a screenshot is like a photo, so it counts, although the judge will be advised of the content of the screenie. So if you screenshot a lovely Carenado aircraft on the ramp, the aircraft is not your creation, just the picture. Like anything else. If you re-wrap an object with your own texture (like a livery for example), again, the judge will be advised of what content is your art vs. what is not.

If you are a writer, then it is of course imperative that the text is yours and does not incorporate others', unless that is explicitly stated.

You must submit into the correct topic as linked above to be counted and you must include the entire art piece either as a picture (if graphic artwork) or text (if written) or other (as someone always has a different take on these things :lol: ).

Feel free to dialogue regarding this if you wish in this thread, as I expect clarification(s) will be needed somewhere along the line.




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