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Thanks to bc for another enjoyable vacation. Once again he provided the scenery and many varied flight scenarios that were well thought out and enjoyed by EPOCH members and others from the xp org. It included a contest of artistic ability that left me once again realizing I have NO artistic ability. :lol:

This one had more flights, they spaned 2 + months with the NightFLights that brought some EPOCH pilots and others to the Burning Man area.

Where would I/we be without his continual effort to provide us with many hours of flight bliss. BORED best describes how xp would be for me.

THANKS bc!!!! :)



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Hear, hear!

Thank you -bc- and my fellow sim-pilots for the past year's enjoyed activities.

Everyone please have a good time with your families during the remainder of this holiday season.

Stay warm, too!

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Mr. Dare
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Well, I finally made it into Burning Man this morning, better late than never! Big thanks to all who made this wonderful destination possible. I look forward to several days of exploration and trying some of the various adventures available.  :)


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Well I am sure glad you guys enjoyed yourselves. It was great fun for me as well, especially designing the Vacation.

It should come as no surprise that these events are always reliant upon behind-the-scenes team efforts, and this time I have Rocky to thank for the idea and links to get me excited and started. I had never even heard of Burning Man until he sent that along.

gofigure and RocLobster aren't the only ones that give me ideas though - a number of our members here and friends at the Org push things forward onto my lap. All are appreciated, although only a select few ever make it into development, as I haven't the time to build a team and the events, scenery etc. necessary to make a fun adventure, but I'm always open to ideas. As a little teaser, Mr. Dare has been keeping me well fed with something coming up soon enough, and I am hoping to do it justice!

Anyhow, it was a great vacation and always fun to fly somewhere else once in a while. Thanks to all for participating and screenshotting your finest :)



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