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This is the HOT thread for sure.

It is here that the Real-Time Dispatches will occur, and send you on your merry way with your bush plane, serving the Iditarod Trail's officials, mushers, dogs, media and tourists.

At any time of the day or night, based upon constant updates provided Here at the Official Iditarod Site, our Dispatchers will translate the need into an adventure flight for our Pilots, and post the Dispatch below.

There may be an Expiry Time for each of the Dispatches. This is detailed in the Overview Thread in the Briefing Category.

Real Weather METAR for X-Plane at all times throughout the Iditarod.

Posting will open below when the EPOCH Alaska Air's 2018 Iditarod Adventure begins. If you keep an eye on the official site linked above, you will have a countdown to the start :)

NOTAMs, Rules, Guidelines & Reminders for the Day’s Flights:

1. Fly in full visuals (VFR) of the ground at all times. If you can’t return to departure airport or divert to the nearest airport. Call the EPOCH Office, let them know and wait for better weather.

2. Be sure to check weather conditions along your route prior to take off.

3. For securing cargo, the FAR requires using cargo nets.

4. Avoid flying over or near the dog sled teams as much as possible. If you have to, fly slow and as quiet as possible.

5. Be alert to other aircraft, obstacles & terrain at the Check Points and in all Iditarod Flight Areas.

6. Watch for some dispatches to have SkyVector flight plan/route links.

7. Maps showing the Iditarod Check Points and the general Trail Routes, can be found in the EPOCH Iditarod Scenery Package.




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