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May we ask your location (Closest Airport - ICAO)?


May we ask what you primarily use your flight simulator for?


How many hours per week of flying do you typically log in X-Plane?


Is X-Plane your primary flight simulation software?


What is your favourite type of simulated flying?


What is your favourite X-Plane aircraft model?

Carenado Cessna 185

Would you share a bit about yourself as it relates to flight simulation please?

I have put together a generic cockpit as a part of my home office. Using a mix of Saitek, GoFlight and CH products, I am able to fly most aircraft up to twins with very few clicks of the mouse :).

I enjoy having something to "do" while flying, be it a mission, adventure, scheduled service flight, training sequence or what-have-you. I do not like drilling holes in the virtual sky. This is why I started developing scenery and adventures. I started sharing them because it's just who I am :)

If you could have one special feature in X-Plane, what would it be?

Plausible water and wave effects as well as ground handling.

May we ask what your primary OS platform is for X-Plane simulation?


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