X-PlaneTM Desktop Flight Simulator Bush / Coastdog Adventures and More!

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Scenery & Event Description (hosted at The Org)
Version 1.1 NOW - includes Wheel & Ski Mods
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08/30/15 - Version 4.1 with Fixes & Adds.  Click on the Pic to Download.
This Version replaces the original Phase IV

Pilatus PC-6 TurboPorter 'E' Variant

Our very own EPOCH-Modded Porter. Click the Pic to get it from the Org.

bminton liveries presents...
X-Hangar's Bush 360 Xplorer 'Light Steel Blue' Paint Job!
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bminton liveries

Member bminton has graced us with a very special paintjob for an important addition to EPOCH Alaska Air.

The SkyTug is owned by EPOCH Worldwide Holdings, so it doesn't become a part of our regular fleet, but it is available for use.

The craft's DownLoad File HERE      The Livery Download Here

A "Must-Have" for EPOCH Pilots. All ERAlaska Destinations are included, from the bundles to the stand-alones and the ones we use from other developers.

EPOCH Contract Scheduled Service locations (like UGP) are not included here, as they have their own map on the way.

Click the Pic to grab the High Resolution, zoomable .png map.
UPDATED: NOW - Version 2.0 + 40 Mile River Booster Scenery
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Our new Toolbox Build Team, bminton & bc are pleased to present you with our very first offering.

This toolkit is chock full of neat mods, fun skins and a major re-work of the many-mission Twin Otter - the very one just released by our VA Partner, X-Hangar.

Click the Pic.
Click the Pic to get it from the Org. Membership there is required (free).
Sikorsky S-92

Member tlbt has come along with a very lovely EPOCH flagship paint for this great chopper. The paint has been fully sanctioned by the model builder, DMO.
A Full-Featured build of Fire Island, just off the coast of Anchorage in the Cook Inlet. It is the site of a major windfarm project.

Fraser River Canyon:

Two new facilities, both decommissioned airstrips, along the most harrowing part of the Fraser River Canyon.


CYXQ Beaver Creek Expansion Phase III
Version 3

This is the 3.1 version of Beaver Creek with fixes and separation for Version 10 as well as additions and aesthetic tweaks. This file replaces all other Beaver Creek Custom Scenery files in your folder.

The long-awaited expansion has arrived. While Phase III has only 1 tenant and a guest lot, much of it is still under construction - slated to be complete in the Spring of 2015. We also hope that the main runway
lengthening proposal will be a 'go'.

There are too many improvements to list (see Readme in the download) but the highlights are a paved main runway, a new crosswind dirt runway, increased industry and townsite; even the farmers have been attracted to the area.

The Full build is rich in features but heavy in frame rate consumption. The Lite build has eliminated grass, many forced forest areas, field overlays and other frame-eaters. Pick the one that best fits your gear.

Cessna 208B
Member Toby Rice's friend, Peter Hürzy, has kindly done a lovely standard theme livery for this great and just recently updated aircraft by Gerald Rader. Thank You!
How about another very timely flagship livery for the newly 'spruced-up' X-Hangar PA-18-150 SuperCub. rick.hudd has graciously supplied us with this in two variants - a Canadian and an American registration. Click the pic!

X-Hangar's new Maule M-7 has been dressed in the traditional flagship colours with some fine artistic expressions including re-coloured seats and more.

This comes compliments of our very own NightFlier, Member rick.hudd.

New Version: 09/14 - Adds functionality to the M-7 TEA Version.

X-Hangar's YAK 52

bminton has been tracking and flying the Valdez AirShow and wanted to give us all an opportunity to dress up our Yaks in either working colours or the bright and flashy airshow paint. Click the Pics to grab it now and a special thanks to our Master Painter for a job well done :)
GIPPS GA-8 Airvan

Member bminton has once again provided us with another awesome livery. This one covers the standard and amphib versions of the craft. Click the pic!
GIPPS GA-8 Cargo

The text on the fuselage reflects the cargo variant with this great paint. As with the above, US Reg. only.
Files contained in download above.
bminton RetroPaints

Cessna 170B
Alcala Simulacions

This is one of the retro series to reflect the age of the aircraft. This is a keeper for sure. 2K & 4K with US and CAN registrations. Click Pic.
bminton RetroPaints

Beech 18
Heinz Dzuirowitz

This is one of the retro series and even has a panel modification that adds authenticity. 2K & 4K with US and CAN registrations. Click Pic.
This is a highly modified file from the original "Skwentna River" that Zymurg modeled the raw data points for and bc supplied the texture.  This Version 2.0 file now extends into the hills a bit, west of PASW Skwentna, goes all the way to the Susitna River and is bezier-curved with new textures into the river valleys for a pleasing look. A must for good VFR landmark navigation. Click the pic to get it from the Download Manager at the Org.
Not for Version 10.x users.
Another addition to our ERAlaska Destinations and a great GA Private and Commercial Operations airport.
Click the picture to get the link to the Org Download Manager.
The B200 makes it's debut as an EPOCH Worldwide Holdings aircraft with these fine liveries by Member bminton.
Included in the zip file are 2 paints - one with a Canadian tailnumber and colour scheme, and one with an American. Version 9 and 10 files included as well.
Nice to see the stunning art from Mr. Minton again.
Click the pic to get the livery from our uX-Pa storage farm.
Grumman Goose G21
by Aeropedro

RocLobster has provided those pilots of the freeware Goose with a real nice EPOCH A.A. livery. Enjoy for V9 and 10.
Click the pic to get it from X-Plane.org.
Pilatus PC-12

Rocky hits the paintbrushes again with this gorgeous rendition of our EPOCH New Theme for this craft that is growing in popularity and use. Click the Pic.
dHC-6 300 Twotter
by X-Hangar

RocLobster puts his brushes behind his words as he discovers, enjoys and then paints this lovely Twin Otter for all of us here at EPOCH. Click the pic for a download @ Org
Eclipse 550
by harranssor

RocLobster has brought our primary livery theme forward (plus a bonus paint) for this fast executive jet for X-Plane V-10. Another fine job!
Click on the pic for the .Org download.
UXH2: Beaver Creek Helicopter Training Facility

Members tlbt and bc have joined forces to bring EPOCH Alaska Air a location specifically designed for helicopter training. Under the technical guidance and testing of member gofigure (our Helicopter Specialist), this facility has come to life and should provide many hours of enjoyable (and intense) training.
Please be sure to read the included documents and User Guide.
Click on the pic to download the file. For X-Plane Versions 9.7 & 10.2x
STMA Otter Pack 9/10

Hold onto your goggles
Our member, RocLobster has created yet another fine livery for our fleet and this one is a work of art. It covers all 9 variants of the dHC-3.
Optional Patch

CYXQ Beaver Creek was to be repaired in the late summer by moving the PAPI lights further infield to avoid the new entry to Runway 14.

This patch addresses this as well as fixing the Tower Viewpoint. The fix is needed now to allow another asset to come into play soon.

Instructions for installation are included in a text file within the folder. The .zip file may be downloaded by clicking on the picture above.
dhc-3 Otter

A fun livery for this great Otter, it sports a 'root beer' theme, compliments of member Toby Rice.
Click on the pic to grab it now.
PAOR Northway, Alaska (an ERAlaska Destination)

Welcome to Northway, just a half hour leisurely trip from CYXQ Beaver Creek. This destination has been developed now to provide a longer runway with the closest proximity to Beaver Creek possible, allowing large or fast aircraft to use this VOR/NDB equipped facility and then taking a smaller craft for the short hop to "The Crik".
There are two versions available. One is for V9.7 (but will work in V10 although missing water assets) and the other V10.25+ only (with added water for local lakes and Yarger Lake for float access to a Customs station). You will need Open Scenery X library installed to properly enjoy this facility.

PAOR Northway Version 9

PAOR Northway Version 10
CYXQ Beaver Creek Version 2
This is a significant update to our newest EPOCH Hub. It now includes access to Runway 14 from the EPOCH taxiway as well as a new Helicopter Training Facility and separate helipad. Many additional features. Be sure to check the "readme" file in the Documents folder after unzipping the download.
Click the pic to grab the file!
Felis' YAK 40

Hardworking member RocLobster has managed to squeeze in enough time to build us this brilliant livery for this remarkable aircraft. Click on the pic to get it from the Org.
CYXQ Beaver Creek

This is the complete scenery package for V9 and V10 for EPOCH's hub, just inside the Canadian Border. It has an airpark for our regular pilots and a guest spot for others to build on.

The UNK theme has really been taking over our VA paints and thanks to Altair43, the DC-4 has now been treated to this fine livery. Click the pic for a trip to the Org.
Douglas DC-3

Well, you just can't get enough paint schemes for the VA for this beauty. We all seem to fly it and thank drumbum424 for his work. Click the pic to get it from the Org.
Piper Comanche

drumbum424 is working hard to keep the theme alive and to this end has wrapped this frame-friendly aircraft in EPOCH colours. Click the pic to get it from the Org.
Cessna 172Nv2

Altair43 keeps the Unk Theme alive with our first paint for this fine wheel and float model from our friends at Carenado. Click the pic and get at the Org.
Cessna 185Fv2

Another fine Altair43 paint of our flagship here at EPOCH. The same scheme (I'm calling it the Unk Theme) for one of our hubs, Unalakleet.
Click the pic to grab it from the Org and leave a comment if you will.
Alcalá Simulation's Piper PA-11 Cub Special

Altair43 turns his attention to this lovely bush aircraft next. See the VA for more liveries of the Cub and other aircraft.
 Click the pic to the left to get this from the X-Plane Org DM.
Heinz's Beech 18

Another livery to go with this iconic aircraft. See the other livery in the VA, but this one can be had at the Org's DM by clicking on the picture. Thanks drumbum424 :)
Aeropedro's Twotter

See the Forum for links to the aircraft. Altair43 has dressed this much-used aircraft up for EPOCH in his usual pristine style. Click the pic to grab it from the Org's DM.

Bonanza F33 Livery

Once again a Carenado aircraft gets treated to a fresh new VA paint, this time by our very own Altair43.

Click the pic to grab it from the Org's DM.


The long-awaited plugin to 'fix' wave effects, ground ops exaggerations and runway friction exaggerations in X-Plane Versions 9.7 and 10.x. Click the pic to grab it from the Org's DM.
AK59 King Ranch

This is the site where one of our long-time members, Alaskadad, has been training for his PPL and this was a Solo gift for him and all.
Click the pic to go pick it up at the Org's DM.
Super CargoMaster



to get it from X-Plane.org
(sign in req'd)
Temporary Patch to Display the OAT (Outside Air Temperature) Gauge in the Carenado Cessna 185F v2. Click on the button to the right and then unzip the file and put it in the C185v2 aircraft folder in the Objects Folder, replacing the file if asked.

Carenado Cessna 185 Version 2 Livery

Please note that the accessories haven't been "EPOCHed" yet... that will come shortly. Our main livery however has been adjusted to work with the Version 2 file, just released today (June 14, 2013). Special thanks to Dan Klaue.

CUSTOM METARS (including Help Files) for INSTRUMENT FLIGHT TUTORIAL below (compliments of one of our uX-Pa members) - Perfect for building proficiency.

KSGY's Antonov AN-2 (from Download Manager @ Org) COLES NOTES FOR OPERATIONS ( compliments of one of our uX-Pa members) - MUST HAVE
PAGA Galena Alaska.

This is a lite build of the airport and village in support of those members flying relief missions to the flooded community. Of note, a special thanks to ottopilot9 for this contribution. When this V10 scenery was twekaed by bc to work in V9, due to alignment issues, the ends of the main runway have water surrounding them. It was left this way, as this build is strictly to support the abovementioned activity, and serves as a subtle reminder of how the Yukon River is much bigger than anything humans can build :)

For more on this, see the Forum (Articles & Documents/Flooding in Galena AK)

CLICK HERE FOR PAGA Galena AK Version 9.7

CLICK HERE FOR PAGA Galena AK Version 10

Please see the same Forum Thread if you wish to participate in relief simflights and donations to help the residents who have lost almost everything.

If you've been aching to fly proper winter textures in X-Plane Version 10 (or as an alternate to Winter World in V9.7), then this is the file for you.

Inside the zip file you will find a number of resources. The actual script/texture system for the package is the primary unit. There are however the X-Plane plugin code files from Sandy Barbour (and his website & description) to link the Python code of She Pooley up with X-Plane. You will also find page captures from X-Plane.org, from the Download Manager there, that describes the install process in detail and also any issues/fixes to date.

Enjoy! This is a top-rate package that deserves a 5 star nod. Head over to the Forum, where you will find a Support Thread for this, and also an opportunity to converse with the author of this fine add-on!

ERAlaska Destinations Scenery Files

Please read the copyright and credits file once unzipped. Thank you and enjoy flying scenic Western Alaska!

If you are interested in Enhanced Files that support these downloads, please sign up for a Free Membership and, once activated (usually within a day), you may download more Free files from




Scenery Links for ALL ERAlaska can be found in our Links Page, just off of the News Tab.

The scenery files above require a number of Scenery Libraries. Without them, these will not work in your X-Plane Flight Simulator.


Bush Aircraft Support Files

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