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EPOCH Pilot Financials Master Viewer
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April 24, 2016 (from Jan. 9, 2016) Economy/EAA Sked/EPA Dispatch Reports
January 9, 2016 (from Sept. 2, 2015) Economy/Sked Reports (Now with Cash-On-Hand)
Sept. 2, 2015 (from June 16, 2015) Economy/Sked Reports (Now with Costs)
Pilot Information
Money Information
June 16, 2015 (from April 20, 2105) Comprehensive Economy/Sked Reports
Please Note that most other Costs will be brought forward with the next Report, so don't get feeling too rich!

April 20, 2015 (from December 20, 2014) Staff Economy & Sked Reports

June / Dec 2014 Full Staff Economy Report (& Information Descriptions/Legends)
This page represents the current state and value of the EPOCH Economy Model, as at June 11th, 2014.
A new "look" will be available at the end of September and then we should be migrating these fixed snapshots into a more dynamic system held with an area I call the "Economy Portal".

Please see also This Thread in the Forum for further discussions, choices and information.

Chattel: In this case, what you own that was not earned by working as a staff member or Pilot of EPOCH Alaska Air.
Fixed: Not a fixed asset, merely the snapshot of assigned assets that were not directly earned as staff or Pilot.
Dep-W&T:  Depreciation of the personal aircraft, including "wear & tear"
P#: This is the assigned Pilot's Number which reflects their seniority based on date of hire.
Equity: This reflects the amount of money that a Pilot's property is worth in liquidatable form. A value only exists if the pilot has purchased the property instead of renting an apartment or house or estate.
This is our first look at the financial for our EPOCH Alaska Air Pilots.

There are a number of our pilots who are also staff members of EPOCH. As such, they have an entry indicating the payroll that they have accumulated since they first took on the additional staffing duties.

The Personal Aircraft column depicts the current value of their personal aircraft, which depreciates over time as a component of age, TBO, wear and tear and current market conditions. These values are calculated within the EPOCH Economy software and often draw a "best guess" based on current PIREPS from the pilot for work locations, current residence and work locations and data drawn from the Internet.

Other Chattel is a signing/retention bonus that all pilots receive when they first join up with EPOCH Alaska Air. This value will get rolled into Cash-On-Hand at the end of the fiscal year (March 2015) but can be drawn upon when needed for purchases until that time. This category will also reflect other monies such as the sale of a property or aircraft etcetera.
Talking about staffing, these are the Jobs at EPOCH, other than flying.

Job descriptions will be available some time soon, so if you are interested in contributing, we can talk for sure.

Staff activity is flagged on a monthly basis, so if a staffer has not contributed or met the minimum requirements for the position in any given month, then they forfeit that month's pay.

As with Pilots, if there is no activity from the staffer then they are released from their obligations, and the list. Pilots have one year to retain their status by participating but staffers have only three months to contribute before release.
Financial & Ownership Picture
Pilot Locations

When completed, this form will reflect not only where each pilot works (which of the EPOCH Hubs) but also where their Primary Residence is. The Pilot may also opt to have a second residence that keeps them close to a particular hub for specialty jobs or even a final residence, like Beaver Creek, that the Pilot may vacation in.

The "Work Location" hub is a matter of Pilot preference, and one needs to consider the Hub Types when choosing where one wishes to work out of. Then, selecting a Primary Residence close to or at the Hub ensures that the Pilot is able to take on jobs with little delay or expense.

The "Company/Other Residence 1" category is used by the pilot who may wish to have a second work location and be able to spend time at either based on EPOCH activities. An example of this is COO bc, who has an apartment in Bethel at the Head Office but also has a house in Unalakleet, where he can spend time if he is working the UNK hub and flying scheds (for instance) from PAUN up north.

The last Residence (#2) is for vacation or fun properties for the Pilot. An example of this may be found at the Beaver Creek Hub (and AirPark) where over a dozen pilots have a vacation home (which also keeps them in proximity for CYXQ Jobs). Although full, the AirPark will be getting a Phase Two expansion in the fall of 2014 for other recent pilots who may wish to join the AirPark and EPIC (The Epoch Pilots Inukshuk Club).

It is noteworthy that the Pilot may have "Other Residence 1 and/or 2" located anywhere in the World - it does not have to be tied to Alaska or the Yukon. The Pilot is expected to maintain some form of residence in Alaska however, and be available for work, to be eligible as a Core or Contract Pilot.
GO HERE to have a discussion about the current Economy model and your place in it.

GO HERE to make a "Residence Request".

GO HERE to make a Job (Staff) Request.

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